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The More Things Change….

…the more they stay the same.

“…After the…bubble burst…they were eager to go wherever new opportunities presented themselves.  The biggest losers were the newcomers and the chronic poor who had tried to get rich quick.  Speculation…had driven the price up so fast that houses and businesses were mortgaged to the hilt…when the craze stopped abruptly and paralyzed commerce…”

What does it sound like we are talking about here?  Can you fill in the missing words?  Does it in part sound rather like events you yourself might have witnessed in recent years?

A tulip, known as “the Viceroy”, displayed in a 1637 Dutch catalog, cost a minimum of ten times the annual earnings of a skilled craftsman.

The year?  1637.  The place?  Netherlands.  The passage is from Our New Netherlands Immigrant Ancestors by Virginia Carpenter Jansen,[1]talking about tulip mania’s effect on Dutch immigrants: “Our New Netherlands immigrants that came to America were from Belgium, Germany and Norway as well as from Holland and other Dutch provinces. Most went to the booming city of Amsterdam to find work or to escape religious persecution. They lived there less than a generation before they moved again to the New World during the period 1632 to 1665.  After the bubble burst they were eager to go wherever new opportunities presented themselves…”

[1] Jansen, Virginia Carpenter. “Chapter 27. Westfall Ancestry of the Jansen Daughters.” Westfall Emigrants to America. webpages.charter.net/gjansen/famwes.htm (accessed April 4, 2011).


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